Anonymous asked:

Omg!😱 Please tell me what episode is that where lucy is kissing natsu in bed?

Dragon et Céleste Answer:

It’s actually from a fanmade video from youtube!

Here’s the link:


Anonymous asked:

I like how your post about nali/nalu was unbiased even though you're an obvious nalu shipper just from looking at your blog! XD it's a great blog btw~~! :D

Dragon et Céleste Answer:

I love to receive this kind of messages! Makes me feel a bit special! ^^

I’m actually kind of suprised that I haven’t received any bash for that post yet by some angry shippers hehe

But thank you for the kind words! These kind of things always make my day!

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Anonymous asked:

What do you think about the whole Nali/Nalu thing?

Dragon et Céleste Answer:

Hmm, I’ve been getting this one a lot lately.

First of all, I really don’t hate Lisanna because she’s a sweet and caring girl! BUT, she only came back because Hiro Mashima’s staff loved her so much, not because he intended to do so all along. And honestly, you can see it in the Anime and Manga as well. Lisanna slowly fades into the background after being back and only has appearances here and there. 

Natsu and Lisanna are childhood friends and of course you get emotional when you see that the person you were close to is alive and well after being presumed dead for two years. 

During the Grand Magic Games arc with the wedding scene, Lisanna rushes over to Natsu and tries to tell him in a reminiscing kind of way ” Come to think of it, when we were kids, I imagined we would get..” But she isn’t getting far as Lucy crashes into Natsu. The look she has on her face is not a la Juvia going all ‘Love Rival’, but more as understanding in my opinion. Honestly, I think even she knows about the obliviousness that is Natsu and Lucy in terms of their feelings.

I just think that if Mashima had wanted to make Nali canon, a lot more moments should have happened by now. More involvement. I mean, there are hardly any moments between Natsu and Lisanna after she comes back. As for the awkward prison scene, it didn’t really make me feel like Natsu or Lisanna were harboring any feelings or anything. Ofcourse the girl gets embarrassed in a situation like that. The only one who wouldn’t be embarrassed is Erza in all her bashfullness. ;)

And no, I’ve heard this one before, but Natsu did not promise Lisanna to marry her when they get older.

I’m just saying, sure, they were cute when they were younger, playing house and stuff, but I get the feeling that Lucy was Lisanna’s replacement for Natsu and he has moved on with her.

Lucy and Lisanna are alike in a sense only Lucy is more loud whilst Lisanna is calmer.

I think it’s safe to say that Natsu is really oblivious when it comes to things like romance. I believe that once Natsu has found Papa Igneel, he will find closure and will be more openminded to the other aspects that life offers. 

Natsu looks out for Lucy (and yes, for all of his nakama) but it feels a lot stronger with Lucy. He protects her, and always goes out of his way to make her happy or help her. 

And for the people who will reply with: ”Natsu cried for Lisanna, but not for Lucy” Let me stop you right there. Natsu also cried for Lucy. Hence it may be Future Lucy, but they are one and the same person so this argument is invalid.

As for Lucy, I think she secretly already knows how she feels about Natsu but is just in complete denial with herself. 

And for the people who say that they’re best friends; Sure they are, but the best relationships come from being friends first.

If they realise their feelings for one another, it will most likely be towards the end of Fairy Tail, as they need to make a lot of character development to build towards that moment. 

There have been a lot of Nalu moments that just makes you want to squeal your brains out, but, they aren’t ready to accept those feelings yet in terms of their development as the main characters in Fairy Tail. There are still a lot of things that need closure before they can move on.

So, this is how I feel about the whole Nali/Nalu thing. 

And even though I am a Nalu shipper, I don’t bash unless you bash first.

Just giving my honest opinion about this whole situation. 

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