Please don’t tell me i was the only one who though E.N.D was going to be released from Natsu in chapter 400.

Especially in these panels….

Please don’t tell me i was only one screaming at my computer. 

I was screaming at my laptop with my heart almost pounding out of my chest with that exact thought T_T

Anonymous asked:

Omg!😱 Please tell me what episode is that where lucy is kissing natsu in bed?

Dragon et Céleste Answer:

It’s actually from a fanmade video from youtube!

Here’s the link:


Anonymous asked:

I like how your post about nali/nalu was unbiased even though you're an obvious nalu shipper just from looking at your blog! XD it's a great blog btw~~! :D

Dragon et Céleste Answer:

I love to receive this kind of messages! Makes me feel a bit special! ^^

I’m actually kind of suprised that I haven’t received any bash for that post yet by some angry shippers hehe

But thank you for the kind words! These kind of things always make my day!

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